Waterfalls in Reykjavik

The day began with me rushing down the hotel stairs, once again a solid five minutes behind schedule. I waved goodbye to the startled manager, and rushed out and on to the waiting bus. Once onboard I huddled in my seat and waited to thaw. Determined not to let the plummeting temperatures and icy wind deter me, I was on my way to two of Iceland’s stunning waterfalls, plus a volcanic pebble beach.

First up: Skógafoss waterfall.

After an hour or so (I fell asleep for the drive) we arrived at the Skógafoss waterfall.

The first waterfall I ever saw. Was not disappointed.
Over 300 steps to the top but it was worth it for this view.

After the long climb up, and the somewhat precarious hike back down, I figured I still had about ten minutes left to explore. Unfortunately, my internal clock is horrible and I was almost left behind by my bus. Still, worth it.


Next up was the Reynisfjara volcanic pebble beach.


The waves here are huge. Like big enough for adults to have been swept away before. I didn’t even touch the water, but that had more to do with how cold it was. I definitely want to go back someday in the summer.


I spent most of my time looking up.

Last be not least, the Seljalandsfoss waterfall


This waterfall was especially impressive, because we got to walk behind it. By the time we arrived, the light was fading and rain was drizzling down. I was cold, tired and cold. But it was all worth it to experience the other side of a waterfall.


The sound of water cascading down was thundering. If it had been warmer, I might have stayed for hours watching the water fall.


I braved the rain and cold a little longer to snap a few photos of the neighboring field. It may not be as grand as a waterfall or picturesque as a beach, but it gave me a good backdrop for a story I’m writing.


All in all, it was a fantastic day trip. I used Grayline, and took their South Coast and Waterfalls tour but there are many companies that will take you around to see Iceland. If you want to see waterfalls and a beach (plus a glacier or two), this ones a good pick.

We took a little detour to see some glaciers.
Another stop were I almost got left behind. Also worth it.
IMG_6635 2
Until next time, Iceland

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