Ireland was one of those spur of the moment ideas, jokingly suggested and then seriously considered. We were in London, my friend Ashley and I, and we had exhausted our must-see list. We were lounging about our Airbnb when I began searching flights to Ireland for a day. Twelve or so hours later, we were on an 8 a.m. flight to Dublin, determined to see as much as we could before our return flight at 6 p.m.

The greenery was a nice break from London

First we took a bus into the city and got off at a random stop, with no other goal than to find a hearty Irish breakfast. Thirty minutes later we were scarfing down eggs and toast and discussing what we should do next.

With so many options and so little time, we decided on something that sounded just ridiculous enough to be great: The Leprechaun Museum.

“Will you guys get in the picture so it looks like we have more friends?”


We were led through a tunnel designed to make us feel as though we were shrinking and then we were told a few legends and fairytales about leprechauns. My favorite part though, was the room with the oversized furniture.

Less of a climb up and more of a ‘run and hurl yourself at the chair’
Try imagining how to gracefully get down.

Overall, definitely a fun visit. With that done, we hurried off to our second activity, also just ridiculous enough for us to be very excited. I give you: The Viking Tour.

Behold and beware.

The viking bus was old and less than half-full but we put on our viking hats and made the most of it. The driver told cheeky jokes that landed as often as they missed. The people in the streets stared with faces best described as tiredly amused. The best part? Shouting at these passerby’s was encouraged. For whatever reason, the other passengers did not deign to shout at the people, but rest assured that we shouted for them.

Just call me Lagertha.
Oh, did I mention the bus could also go on water? Because it did.

By the time the viking tour was over, we were almost out of time. It was now cold and raining and we ducked into the first restaurant we saw to get a quick dinner before leaving. After some overpriced but delicious mashed potatoes and fries (I wanted my fair share of potatoes before leaving Ireland) we hurried to the airport. Our day in Dublin had come to a close.

One last walk through the park.

Obviously we did not do Dublin, or Ireland, justice in our short trip but I am glad I got to experience the things I did. The viking tour is still one of my favorite ‘touristy’ things I’ve done traveling.

Already scheming up ways I can move here.

If When I go back, I want to spend a long weekend in Dublin, and then make my way north to Belfast to see more of the natural beauty of Ireland. Until then, I’ll leave you with some pictures of a few friends I made in the parks.

Benjamin. He stood very still for his closeup.
So noble. Shout out to Ashley for letting me stop and take pictures of birds.


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